New Yoga studio in Casa del Paso !

 New Yoga studio in Casa del Paso !

 There has been a beautiful yoga retreat at Finca Casa del Paso with
 Joanna, (
 Yoga teacher from Alaska, who was teaching a wonderfull mixture of 
 restaurative Yoga and Yin Yoga, Vinyasa Flow and Asthanga.

Yoga is the union of the individual self with the universal self.


In the morning the classes would begin with a 1,5 hour singing of Mantras,
Pranayama (breathing) and meditation, so the seven girls,
who where here to participate in the Yoga retreat, would start of the day
with an inner calmness and tranquillity, surrounded by nature and stillness.

Pranayama is so important because PRANA is the life-force which permeates
 both the individual as well as the universe at all levels.

 It is physical, sexual, mental, intellectual, spritual, and cosmic all at the same time.
Prana, the breath, are inextricably linked together.

 yoga6       yoga10                yoga3

After a little tea-brake in the tea house yoga16
the students would continue with the Yoga-Asanas.
At lunchtime there would be a very healthy Brunch 
with lots of Bio-vegetables and fruitjuices.

yoga4 yoga5 
yoga7 yoga1

In the afternoons the Yoga-classes where lighter and very good for the body, 
with Yin Yoga and Iyenghar- restaurative classes with the according bolsters, 
blocks and belts.

Of course, one afternoon we did an excursion on Compass Rose,
 and every one had a great time on bord.

We ankered in a beautiful bay and went swimming,
 there was a good wind and sunshine for an extra nice sail!

The last evening we had a BBQ and roasted vegies,
a good laugh and all in all a very cheerful evening!


Thanks to all students and teachers

for making this happen!


there will be another Yoga-retreat in november:

Yoga retreat flyer NOV 2015

yogha33 yoga32 yoga23 yoga24 yoga6 yoga5 yoga3 yoga1 yoga30

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