Thai Cabin

20140127_165132DSCN0404The Thai Cabin is a romantic one room wooden cabin. It actually consists of three parts. On the left you can see the authentic main part of the house which is the fully furnitured bedroom. The bedroom has a double bed , a window in the roof above the bed to see the stars at night and a large antique Walnut-closet with a cabinet ( see image below). When you step outside you are on the porch with a sensational mountain view. The porch connects the bedroom with the other two

Copia de muntainview

verandaparts of the Thai Cabin. 

 The second part, in the middle, is the bathroom. It has a toilet, sink and shower.

 Last but not least in the reddish part of the Thai Cabin  you will find the comfortable kitchen. It has a fridge with freezer and a stove with oven.

When you wake up in the morning, you can enjoy the amazing mountain views directly from your bed!

taller 2IMG_3904

In case you are with the family and you have kids who would like their own cabin, you can hire  the India cabin additionally, there are two single beds and very popular for children because they can be closer by the pool!

Image on the left hand side is an image of the India Cabin. It has its own bathroom and it is right next to the pool. ;)Perfect for families !





When you stay in the Thai Cabin you’ll get a real sensation of un-clutching from the normal life and it’s routine, the stress out there in the “real world” and you can disconnect from all this in a very pleasant manner!




Availability Thai Cabin & Swiss Cabin

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