My Story


Hello All,

Thank you for visiting my website. Here I’d like to tell you something about me and how this place came to life.

My name is Conny Klar, I was born in Germany in a beautiful town called Wiesbaden, in 1956.

I just celebrated my 40th birthday when I started to build up this property.

After having had travelled all over the World, I found this amazing spot, which was at the time an abandoned almond-grove in the mountains of Costa Blanca.

Circumstances in Germany where allowing me to quit my job as a flight stewardess and get the capital to buy this plot of land and build a family house for me and my two daughters.

The beginning was hard, because my daughters did not speak Spanish at the time and had to go to school and I had a back-injury and had to have an operation here in Alicante and the consequence of lying on my back for several months made me doubt about my decision to move to Spain.

But then going into deep meditation I just trusted the Universe to allow me to have everything we would need in the future and so it was!

Bit by bit I built up this place and we were so lucky to have horses, dogs and cats here on the property. Therefore I found out about the area- horse-back-riding on all the treks in these mountains.

casa A porche 7

The Yoga-terrace was a very important item to be built in front of the house and I have been giving Yoga classes to local people with a very positive impact.

Year by year I built more accommodations on the property- the pool, the plants, palm trees, vegetable garden, the wooden houses with the kitchens and bathrooms……with recycled materials and artistic ideas and finally the creation of a paradise Finca Casa del Paso was completed!

My daughters were very happy here and after finishing high school and University they left to live their lives- but I staid here in order to share this subtropical paradise with others who appreciate the beauty of the nature around here.

In the meanwhile I studied Fine Arts and Art Therapy here in Alicante.

Since 2010 I have been travelling to India to learn about meditation and Yoga in a very special monastery- The Nithyananda ashram, where I received my spiritual name: Ma Nithya Atma Chandini- which means : Eternally soulful radiating like moonlight.

In october 2014 Swami Sri Vishwananda came to Valencia and I received my first Darshan from him- I felt a very strong connection!

Therefore there will be special activities happening from now on in Casa del Paso: OM-heeling meditations, Simply Meditations, Atma-Kriya-Yoga initiations….

conny spring medition

I built a shrine here on the property where I regularly chant the prayers (puja) and the spiritual energy of the Master is here very present.

May the Gods help me to continue this project of creating a sacred space for Yoga-teachings and retreats for developing self-acknowledgment, Yoga, Meditation and  physical purification by consuming biological organic vegetarian food cooked with love here in my kitchen!Therefore I would not only like to share this space with others, but also share the experience to be close to an enlightened Master and the benefits of meditation and Yoga, self-expression by artistic work via Art therapy and self consciousness.


Atma Chandini         February 2014     Constanze Klar