Casa del Paso House Rules and reservations

For reservations and payment please contact us: or phone: 0034606011714

When you make a reservation through you will be contacted as soon as possible regarding payment details. A reservation is confirmed when 50% of the total sum is payed in advance. You will receive a confirmation e-mail and your Wooden Cabin(s) will be reserved for you.


piscina 1

The lodger is responsible for the rented house and its furniture and technical equipment during his stay.

The lodger pays a deposit of 50,-€ for a stay of 2 days and 100,-€ for a longer duration, which will be returned to him when he leaves and it has been established, that the house and the items in it are in the same condition as they were, when he started to rent it. The landlord is entitled to compensation also after his leave, if he finds out, that there were things missing or damaged by the lodger.

Technical equipment such as ventilator and heaters should be only used, when there is actually someone in the house and the doors are closed. Otherwise the landlord is entitled to charge extra for electricity.

The wooden houses are in danger of fire and it is therefore not allowed to smoke or to burn candles or to have a BBQ. BBQ is only permitted supervised and at designated areas.

Swimming Pool

The swimming pool is communitarian and there should be thoughtfulness for the others.

Please always take a shower before going into the pool. Make sure not to put on sun cream just before you get into the pool.

Thank you for your cooperation!