Happy New Year!

Angel of January is Transformation

Inspirational Message
Change happens when you take responsibility for your awareness and apply it to your everyday life, small moment by small moment.

Life is an alchemical process of constant change from our bodies to our circumstances to our environment. How we respond to the evolving world of form directly relates to our ability to internalize our awareness, and focus our actions from the sacred inner space at the depth of our beings.
It is not about eliminating the ego or lower self. It is about allowing our higher nature to absorb the ego into itself and thereby transform it. To become a kind, loving, generous, and respectful being, we have to put effort into it by conducting ourselves according to our highest values. Every moment is an opportunity to recreate ourselves and it happens one feeling, one thought, one act at a time.
The inner journey of the soul through transformation is not simply a change in character, but a realization of our true nature. This means our identity and daily consciousness ceases to be determined by our history. We shift dimensionally, leaving the content of the past to reside in our eternal presence.
We are spiritual beings inhabiting human bodies. It is time to up-level. Release hesitations and lingering self doubts. Bring them to the altar of your heart for healing and transformation, and dare to become who you know yourself inside to be.
We hope the Angels continue to inspire your life.

May your journey be gracious. Happy and Blessed New Year to you all.
My personal transformation in 2015 started with a visit to the ashram of Swami Vishwananda and to get initiated to become a Jal-Brahmancharya!

Am feeling so blessed!!!!!!!

Best Wishes to all of you!

 Atma Chandini

Casa del Paso

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