Vegetarian Food on Request

Vegetarian food

On request a delicious vegetarian meal can be cooked and served by me especially for you. Orientated to what your body needs  and could bring you new habits for a healthy life style. It will also be creating good quality weight and vitality in your body. Not to be using animal protein will have a very good effect on your digestive system and physical energy! You will feel the benefits of vegetarian protein immediately!

Also you can test how the use of  substitutes of dairy foods effect your body for better health. And of course: substitutes for sugar, because sugar itself is very addictive and bad for your health!

You will feel the nature and effect of foods, how to cook and combine them, their impact on our digestive system, and how to achieve the quality of energy and vitality that you desire!

The combination of healthy food, natural environment and some physical exercise such as Yoga, trekking or swimming will have a great benefit on your health and you can really make your holiday having a regenerative effect on your whole being!






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Vegetarian Food on Request