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During your stay in the retreat it is also possible to book yoga or meditation classes . Constanze Klar is a certified   Senior Yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance. This means that she is empowering individuals towards keeping up or regaining their health and well-being.  Her spiritual name given by her master is Ma Nithya Atma Chandini which means ” Eternally soulfull and  radiating like moonlight”.

Here is a little demo of our “Flow-Yoga-class” in the morning :


Atma Chandini is a registered RYT 200 teacher with Yoga Alliance UK. This accreditation demonstrates excellent standards as set by Yoga Alliance UK.

Yin Yoga

One of the recent popular Yoga methods Chandini is teaching is ‘Yin Yoga’. As the name implies, Yin yoga is a way to practice Yoga that is oriented toward the “yin” principle.


Yin as opposed to Yang addresses the deeper levels, the basic, the profound, in modern language what is “under the hood”.

Accordingly, the practice of Yin Yoga provides the tools to reach into the deepest layers of our body, working the bones and the deep tissues holding the skeleton and other structures together.

Yin Yoga practice means:
long holds of the posture, and relaxation of the muscles around the areas targeted by the asana. Both elements provide gentle, sustained tension or compressions on the deep tissues in a way appropriate to the quality and texture of the targeted fibers. Yin Yoga asanas generally work using gravity and leverages on the body while the practitioner consciously tries to relax the muscles, especially those around the targeted areas.

Holding the posture for a longer time (ranging from 2 up to  5 minutes) allows the body to settle deeply into the asana. The postures are defined by possible target areas, rather than aesthetic requirements.

YogaJessicaYin Yoga unfolds its benefits on many levels: the deeper layers of the body respond to being addressed in the specific way they need by getting stronger, healthier and more elastic.

Appropriate stresses to the fasciae have an energizing effect on the energy meridians traversing the body.

The long holding times provide a quiet environment and an invitation for the practitioner to enter a meditative state.
A noticeable feeling of wellbeing and peacefulness often happens as an immediate after-effect of a Yin Yoga session

Casa del Paso will organise special Yoga weeks in 2014. Check regularly to stay up to date for all the upcoming events. You can also use the contact form  to send in your email. Just leave a comment that you would like to be informed about the Yoga events.

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There are also the Aum-healing meditations guided by Atma Chandini on a regular basis, which are very powerful and by practising pujas everyday, guided by spiritual Masters from India.
You can participate on request!

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