Compass Rose is ready to sail!

June 11, 2015

BEFORE This was her 8 weeks ago- didn't she look sad- she readly was longing for some love and care! So Mark, a very experienced boat-carpenter and life-long sailor and me started working on her: We look ...




March 05, 2015

There has been a couple of weeks of very beautiful land-scenery around casa del paso! It is such a joy to walk through the country-side and watch the first signs of spring coming up! The temperatutes are fair and we can ...



Happy New Year!

January 21, 2015

    Angel of January is Transformation Inspirational Message Change happens when you take responsibility for your awareness and apply it ...




November 10, 2014

                                   Just after the full moon Aum-meditation in Benidorm we had two retreats here in casa del paso. One was about practice of Chi-Kung and the other was about Atma Kriya ...