Beautiful sunrise down by the sea!


Beautiful sunrise down by the sea!

Watching nature is better than any TV-Series or Movie-Film.

Every single day it is a different picture in the sky!

Nature also  supplies us with fruits in every season.

At the moment the trees around casa del paso are full with nisperos (neffles),

a fruit that grows only in tropical surroundings and is a delicatessen to be

exported into foreign countries like Italy and Greece.

Therefor I made marmelades and Chutneys and the guests were enjoying to taste them!




Some times nature brings us magic into our lives by surprising with little gifts such as

abandonded animals in the streets.

So we will have a new family member in Finca Casa del Paso:

CLEO- only aprox. 4 weeks old- was dangling down from a palm tree

and had to be rescued by climbing up a ladder



She looks just like our cat Cleo, who died of old age just a few weeks ago.

Is this Karma?


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