Spring coming up



Just before spring starts up we prepare Finca Casa del Paso so the season 2014 can

start in a good way. One of the things to be done is to burn all the leaves and branches

that have accumulated during the last year. It feels a bit like a cleansing ritual and is good fun!

The two helpers from the help x  are working very hard, one is helping with the burning and

the other one is actually making an extension on the India cabin in order to have a Delux

bathroom there, so the cabin will receive an upgrading by having a brand new bathroom soon!




It will be pure Luxus to use this bathroom with it’s view over the Mediterranean

sea, which is spreading over the horizon blue and shiny, a pleasure for your eye-site.

The vibrations and the dynamic in between us here on the property is very good and

positive, maybe due to the fact, that we are practising the OM-healing meditations

on a regualr basis and therefore creating  a good start to be working and living  together .

I greet you all from sunny and beautiful finca Casa del Paso and am sending you some

of our good vibration!

Ma Nithya Atma Chandini

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